Akrobeto’s ‘funny’ response to Funny Face’s predicament

The submission of actor Akwasi Boadi (Akrobeto) on the incessant troubles of colleague Funny Face evoked uncontrollable laughter from panelists of Peace FM’s Entertainment Review as the veteran butchered the pronunciation of ‘psychiatric’.

A few days ago, Funny Face was arrested and sent to court for firing warning shots during an altercation with a pub owner. The Ofankor court thusly dedicated the embattled comedian to the psychiatric hospital for about fourteen days on suspicion of going through depression or having mental emergency.

Although Funny Face has on several occasions shared videos of challenges he has had to face as a result of the baby mama’s decision to leave his home with his twins – Ella and Bella – Akrobeto said a portion of the advancements are brand new information to him because he isn’t on social media.

He told have Kwasi Aboagye that he always wants to have peace of mind, hence his purpose to not utilize a smartphone.

Lifting a smartphone in his possession, he said, “Our director Fadda Dickson forcefully eliminated my sim card from my phone and inserted in this smartphone insisting that I should utilize it… “

Akrobeto recalled offering Funny Face advice when he noticed the comedian was in a difficult situation and hoped the narrative will change after the encounter with the psychiatric hospital.

“I pray God grants him healing so he can reshape his life afterward,” he said in local dialect Twi. “Because on the off chance that you go to the psychiatric and don’t recuperate, it’s not encouraging at all. It’s smarter to bite the dust than go mad.”

His pronunciation of ‘psychiatric’, in any case, inspired laughter. Knowing that he missed the point, Akrobeto on the third attempt selected to turn saying, “I pray he gets back from that hospital”.

Having ‘endured’ in all the attempts to hit the nail on the head, one of the panelists chose to coach him yet he amusingly dismissed the offer.

“I regard you verily. I haven’t asked for your help,” he hilariously said.

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