Your ex should never be your friend – Journalist warns

Ghanaian journalist Yaa Kyeiwaa has forewarned people to never get to know their exes.

Characterizing who an Ex is, she said, “An ex is just an expired beau, somebody you used to have a close connection with some time prior in your life yet because of specific reasons, the relationship needed to reach a conclusion”.

Conversing with Mercy Bee on e.TV Ghana’s Girl Vibes, she said, “A few people say something that has been expired can be reestablished yet for this situation, it will rely upon who in the relationship should be restored”.

Yaa contended that it is off-base for your ex to be your companion on the grounds that “On the off chance that he is returning with a similar vibe and same energy he had when you both were together it will not assistance you. So before you restore a relationship with your ex you need to understand what you’re doing and what you truly need”.

She noticed that some exes just need an opportunity to be a major part of your life so they can screen you and understand what you’re consistently, “regardless of whether you’re still as credulous and feeble as they left you they don’t actually need kinship”.

She exhorted that the possibly occasion where exes can remain companions is when “there is a youngster associated with this case both of you should meet up to bring up the kid. You don’t need to fundamentally be together to bring up the kid,” she referenced.

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