Senior High School Girl With A Gun To Shoot Her Teacher For Telling Her To Cut Her Colour Hair.

The purpose of parents and guardians sending their wards to school is to instill discipline on them so they will be useful to their parents, family, friends and society at large.

Though it’s very common to see some delinquent among pupils and students in school, the defaulters has mostly been tilted to the male genders.

Well, thank God the young girl did not carry out the evil act before she was discovered. But the lesson to learn from this story is very great for me and for and you and most especially parents.

Parents should be the foundation of discipline for their children. Pampering of children causes things like this. She might be a pampered child and so because the teacher has talked to her, she was upset and saw it wrong.

Parents should be considerate in allowing their children do certain things. You can imagine a girl of that age who is under the care of someone absolutely, carrying a colored hair. That is another act of irresponsibility. If she hasn’t kept that hair, it is wouldn’t have led her to trouble.

The main point here is, guardian and parents should learn a lesson from this happening by not letting their children do everything they want or associate with friends with no roots. Who knows where she got her gun from? Yes, probably it was for one of her pairs. So the world is becoming more exposed, and parents should be careful. Thank You.

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