Mahama utilizing election petition to support his image equity to run in 2024 – Oppong Nkrumah

Previous President John Dramani Mahama is just utilizing the election petition hearing at the Supreme Court to support his advantage in running as official competitor again in the 2024 elections for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Spokesperson of legal advisors of the second respondent for the situation, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah.

He said claims by spokespersons of the NDC that they documented the case at the pinnacle court in the interest of Ghanaians and furthermore with regards to the constitution, can’t be valid.

Addressing columnists in Accra on Tuesday, February 16 after the court rejected the petitioner the solicitation to return his case, the Ofaose Ayirebi legislator said “For what reason are NDC allies revealing to them they ought to pull out the case? Since they are seeing in their very eyes as this is broadcast on TV that the petitioner and their attorneys are not putting forth a persuading defense under the steady gaze of the court.

“What they advised them isn’t correct. Furthermore, that is the reason [they were] requesting that the court return their case that they can put a gathering on the opposite side in the case and urge her to vouch for put forth their defense.”

He added “It is getting clear just directly in front of you that this is the purpose behind which their own allies are disclosing to them that the time has come for they to desert their case.

“I need to finish up on this contention that they are doing this for individuals of Ghana and they are doing this with regards to the constitution.”

“We eagerly oppose this idea. This supposed petition under the steady gaze of the court isn’t for individuals of Ghana or with regards to the constitution, it is for the political interest of Mr John Dramani Mahama who wants this media scene to support his image equity and run again unopposed on the NDC in 2024, let’s face it about it. It isn’t with regards to any constitution since, in such a case that it was, the constitution says our overall set of laws is ill-disposed and subsequently you can’t urge a gathering in the crate.”

“For what reason will you guarantee you are shielding the constitution and requesting that the Supreme Court flip around the constitution.”

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