Election Petition: NDC individuals request to see NDC’s own collated election figures

Many resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) individuals have taken to web-based media to request their party represents its own collated brings about the just-finished election as opposed to deluding them with the legal dispute.

The infantry of the gathering say it seems the NDC drove by John Dramani Mahama is in court with no type of proof at all and with no information in spite of a prior impression.

Driving the call for answers, is Executive Director of the Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), Mensah Thompson, Efo Kormi and different individuals from the party who protect its plan consistently.

As indicated by the ASEPA chief, the NDC made the feeling that it had great information and “gotten a biostatistician to do some examination on the election results for you [NDC] … He made a few disclosures which included in a viral video that got everybody scrutinizing the respectability of the elections based how fundamental his introduction was”.

“Quick forward half a month later, you went to Court and the out of the 5 observers you decided to submit to the Court, none incorporated the biostatistician who you contracted to chip away at the election results examination.” He pondered.

“Pause, I considered millions cedis was spent outdoors individuals at the gathering HQ to do some work on the infractions on the 2020 election results? Where is their yield? What did they find? Where is their report?” He inquired.

A few different individuals from the gathering communicated comparable suppositions that the gathering was underestimating them.

“Genuine ooo JM never neglected to baffle. He hosts commandeered the get-together after the wretched execution as a sitting prez in the 2016 election,that he’s the one in particular who can win 2020 election. Presently here we are, Kofi Adam n Kwakye Fosu were wherever that lone JM can win 2020.”

That shows how pointless your gathering public chiefs are. They went to the court with nothing, literally nothing. No pink sheets, no proof, no realities and no law. They just went there with the overhyped, overpampered and pompous legal advisor Tsatsu Tsikata who just talks extended periods of time of unfamiliar gained complement English sentence structure with practically zero law or no reference of pertinent laws, rules or case laws to help his long passionate and political contentions. That is the reason I generally say that this 2020 election petition is the most pointless, bumbling, unimportant vexatious and eccentric election petition throughout the entire existence of Ghana and the world. It is vacant with no proof or substance. It ought to be tossed out into the Zoom Lion dustbin before the Court or, best case scenario, the petition papers ought to be given to groundnut venders to sell more groundnuts.”

“Untruthful characters stressing us, they can’t set up an instrument to secure our votes. Two specialists leaving solid rooms to convey one message. Kai.”

You are totally correct my sibling… You can’t comprehend the reasoning that goes into specific choices the gathering takes some of the time… ‘We tire self!'”

“Everything is being held tight our necks constraining us to swallow pills we detest and dissent, Mahama as a previous president shouldn’t have challenged in the 2020 elections yet in resistance can do any sort of works you are driving as in position occupant you either drop them…

“Indeed, a few of us feel vindicated. We spread the word about it that going to court was a futile endeavor for we as a whole know the result even I the substance of the solid proof. We supported individuals gathering at the region level where the proof would be made accessible to the citizen to test. Indeed, they realize what is best allowed them to do it.”

“To you realize your gathering has an awful case, and you here slamming the appointed authorities and calling them names.

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