These Are Why Shining Star School Has Been Producing 100% Bece Results; Secret Revealed.

Shining Star Preparatory School has been producing 100% BECE results. Everything happens for a reason. There are a lot of things going on in the school which allows their BECE candidates to excel in the results. Shining Star School has been producing 100% Bece results for the past 6 years . Here are the reasons the school always brings 💯Bece results 

Provision of better foods

Students in Shining Star School are provided with food containing food substances like protein which helps in the development of the body parts including the brain 🧠 

Keep a positive attitude 

Studies have shown that if you repeat negative feelings about a subject, you increase your chances to fail ! Success is enhanced by replacing negative thoughts with positive but realistic ones . For example, students of Shining Star Preparatory School replace ‘’ I can’t do it .’’ With ‘’ it’s not easy , but I’ll accept this challenge and will get closer to my goals .’’ This is one of the secrets why Shining Star School has been bringing out 💯BECE results.

Knowing of their Learning style 

Students figure out preferred learning style and use it to their advantages . Each class requires different strategies and techniques:they are all not the same . Students use a variety of techniques to learn material for each class . Students are also willing to try new strategies or study methods 

Study groups 

The difference between a study group and a tutorial situation is that a tutor is someone who can be relied on to know what he is taking about . The students in the study group,on the other hand ,are learning all the material at the same time .

Study groups and partners can be very effective if certain guidelines are observed. This is one of the reasons Shining Star Preparatory School has been producing 💯bece results every year. 

Mnemonic devices 

Some students employ mnemonic devices to help them remember crucial information. Some mnemonics are words whose letters stand for things to be remembered. For example , “ROYGBIV “ is the mnemonic for the colours of the light spectrum 

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