From this split second
The universe in a minuscule
Gathers simultaneously
To celebrate a day
Like it’s the ultimate

I set forth my hand to you
Unbroken in the eventide
My fantasy is fulfilled
‘Cause of you

From this split second
Making this covenant to connect
In affliction and in well-being

From this split second
No rock of Gibraltar can detach our affirmity

Beseeching the Lord
He bestowed upon me a Valentine’s day gift
But this gift has come to stay; now and forever.

Taking my heart in yours
You enlightened my eyes in love
Giving me a place in your life

Our roses embarked on a journey
Sharing off their petals
They are blessed we came together

This decision to cherish this gift
As long as I live
There is nothing
I wouldn’t give to have you
Over and over again
I give you my word

From this split second
Referencing the ground on which you walk on,
I’ll be there beside you
Vowing that you being my weakness
I’ll want only you now and forever

Happy Valentine’s day Love.

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