Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: Renewed? Will Dan-i & Eun Ho Return?

Fans are dying after a super emotional and inspiring season to know if Kang Dan-i and Cha Eun Ho are ever going to return. As of now, demand for Season 2 of Romance Is A Bonus Book is pretty high. Neither TVN nor Netflix, however, have already announced a sequel to the popular K-drama. Is there any hope for the show’s future? What’s going to arise next? Here’s all you have to know.

The romantic comedy series had its premiere on the South Korean cable network, tvN, back in early 2019. While it created a sensation in the world, only after its international release on Netflix did Romance Is A Bonus Book become famous. The mature and intelligent setting of the plot was praised by fans and reviewers.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

While Kang Dan-i remained the most lovable and inspiring character, viewers also connected with almost all the supporting characters. As of now, it surely is one of the best K-dramas available on Netflix.
While tvN and Netflix are yet to make it official, it’s already clear that the series won’t return for a second round. Netflix and other official websites have listed its run from January to March 2019. This suggests the show has already ended, and in the future its producer may not be planning to continue it. The producers of Romance Is A Bonus Book have declined to talk about the movie, prompting frequent requests from fans.

Well, in terms of revival, most K-drama series barely get another shot. Just a couple have returned for the second season in the history of South Korean TV shows. Therefore, it would be hard for Season 2 of Romance Is A Bonus Book to get the green flag. In addition, given that the plot of almost all the protagonists has already been wrapped up by series writer Jung Hyun-jung, they could not return to TV again.tvn / Netflix

Netflix has played an important role in the production and delivery of several South Korean shows in recent years, however. Streamer also has a wide selection of well-known K-drama episodes. In reality, the platform has begun to produce original K-drama series with high potential.

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