Confusion hits Criss Waddle’s AMG camp as Medikal and Okese1 clash

What started as a little argument has escalated into a battle of insults as two key members of the Arab Money Gang (AMG) are at each other’s throats.

The once beautiful relationship between Medikal and Okese1 has come to a sudden halt as the two were captured on Twitter in a back and forth argument.

This was after Okese1 alleged that Medikal secretly called Andy Dosty on phone and thanked him for kicking him out of his studio.

He said Medikal told Andy Dosty in a phone conversation that he [Okese1] is discourteous and as such, merits such a treatment from the radio moderator.

Reacting to the allegations, Medikal took to Twitter on February 16, 2021, to talk about how Okese1 has betrayed their kinship by spewing lies about him.

He stated: “It’s pathetic how individuals discard several years of kinship for a 24-hour clout”.

Okese1 who was clearly irritated by Medikal’s tweet responded to him saying:

“Clout? Are you okay? You mess up you no go apologize. You dey there dey make mouth. If ebi any artiste you go rant anyhow. You meet your meter. Don’t attempt kid! Years of kinship wey you no appreciate my efforts and acted like a faker. You rather went into a studio to record a diss song for me. Talking about me being ungrateful. You nook me, who ought to thank his kindred brother.”

The back and forth didn’t end there as Okese1 took to Instagram live for an all-encompassing version of his rebuttal.

In a 30 minute video, the ‘Yie’ hitmaker accused Medikal of being an ungrateful companion after he helped him uplift his career.

He said Medikal had nothing when he went into the music scene and he was one of the couple of companions that supported him at each progression of his career.

“When you met me, I was already up. You were the one coming to me with your issues and I was helping you. I offered you my help in any way I could. If you won’t appreciate me, don’t tarnish my image,” he seethed.

Okese1 also emphasized that not at all like Medikal he was already rich before joining the AMG group.

Last week, Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty sacked Okese1 from his show over claims that the musician had been discourteous to him. After walking out, Okese1 rained insults on Andy Dosty via Instagram.

While indicating that the conduct Andy Dosty was unprofessional, Okese1 said his regard for the radio moderator had dropped. Andy Dosty later apologized as he laid away “all arrogance”.

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