3 Ghanaian celebrities who have painfully lost their loved ones

The fame, money, talent, and glam do not exempt celebrities from suffering personal losses, as they are also human.

Just at the beginning of this year, 2021, smiles of some Ghanaian celebrities have been swapped for tears as they took to social media to mourn the tragic loss of their loved ones.

From the loss of parents to life partners all indistinguishable, these celebrities have opened up about what it’s truly similar to lose a loved one.

We should investigate some Ghanaian celebrities who tragically lost relatives.

Quamina MP

The Ground-up underwriter isn’t thinking that its easy as he has on many occasions taken to social media to mourn his father who passed away a couple of days to January 2021.

Obviously struck and shattered by his father’s death, the ‘Amanfuor young ladies’ hitmaker is either seen recording a video of himself crying or sharing intriguing recollections of his late father with the general population.

An image of his late father whom he affectionately alludes to as ‘Bongo’ has been engraved as artwork on the back of his upcoming album cover.

The rapper’s father passed on after he was engaged with a mishap with his son while heading out from Akosombo to Accra in December 2020.


Information on the death of Krymi’s father was awash on social media after the vocalist unfortunately declared his loss on February 11, 2021.

Depicting the situation, the ‘Dede’ hitmaker said his father’s death has been the most noticeably awful news he’s always gotten throughout everyday life.

Eddie Nartey’s significant other

Following two years of marriage, actor Eddie Nartey’s significant other, Vida Obenewah Nartey, passed away on January 25, 2021.

He confirmed the information on his better half’s downfall on Instagram to his fans and adherents adding that he is in “constant agony”.

“I don’t realize what to say, I don’t realize what to feel. I’m just in constant torment. Rest well my Habibi. God knows Best. I petition God for strength!” He captioned in an image of himself and his significant other.

Eddie since the downfall of his significant other is generally caught posting fascinating recollections he once shared with his better half on social media.

On thirteenth February 2021, the group of the late Vida Nartey stamped one-week of her passing.

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