Ofori-Atta Can’t Be Vetted Until March

What was charged to be, maybe the ‘Mother of all confirming’ will currently need to stand by until March as the fundamental character of that ‘plot,’ Mr Ken Ofori-Atta, is unwell to confront Parliament’s Appointments Committee today as at first booked.

The 62-year-old, who was required to dispatch a vivacious guard of his residency as Finance Minister between January 2017 and January this year and to present for the panel and Parliament besides for an additional four years, will currently do that in about fourteen days’ time when he is ventured to have recuperated from COVID-19 unexpected issues.

An assertion from the Ministry of Finance gave on February 14 said he was because of leave the country that Sunday for the United of States of America (USA) “for an extraordinary clinical audit.”

“In the wake of recuperating from Covid-19 last December, Mr Ofori-Atta has had unexpected issues, which specialists prompt, require further mediations not as of now accessible in Ghana. He is relied upon to be away for about fourteen days,” the three-section articulation gave after 10.p.m., said.

No effect

The assertion added that Parliament had been informed for another date to be set.

On February 15, in any case, an Aide to the clergyman, Mr Michael Bediako, said in a viral message that Mr Ofori-Atta had shown up in the USA and was “cheerful.”

A business analyst and a scientist with the Institute for Fiscal Policy (IFS), Dr Said Boakye, said in spite of the fact that Mr Ofori-Atta’s failure to be checked on wellbeing grounds was a blow, yet would not influence the economy.

He said his job as the President’s delegate at the Ministry of Finance implied that he had been allowed the position to act and for the benefit of the country and the global and business local area would see him as such until an opposite correspondence is put out.

He, nonetheless, communicated the expectation that the clergyman assign would be confirmed in a matter of seconds and a choice taken to help make up for whatever shortfall that may exist.

Exclusive requirements

A speculation financier, Mr Ofori-Atta, took over as Finance Minister in 2017, making it the first run through in quite a while wandering into the public area.

Past possessing a place of interest, advancements under his first residency raised assumptions around his reappointment and the arranged confirming that had since been pushed ahead on wellbeing grounds.

He subsidized the conclusion of nine banks and in excess of 440 other monetary organizations under an overextending tidy up that later expense the public handbag more than GH¢22 billion.

Mr Ofori-Atta additionally tried to securitise a bit of gold sovereignties under the now questionable Agyapa Royalties bargain, raised the obligation stock from GH¢122.3 billion out of 2016 to GH¢286.9 billion in November a year ago and held Databank as one of the exchange counselors to the service that he heads.

His family attaches with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as a cousin have additionally pursued undesirable exposure for him, with most resistance utilizing it against him.

In addition to other things, these issues are required to become the dominant focal point when the Finance Minister-assign at long last proceeds at the checking.

His situation on the wellbeing of the economy when he took over in 2017 and its status currently additionally vows to be an issue of interest.


Mr Ofori-Atta acquired an economy battered by a shaky force area, troublesome raw petroleum creations and a feeble conversion scale that had plotted to keep the financial shortage, swelling and loan costs at inefficient levels.

In 2016, development had eased back to 3.4 percent and the obligation stock had mounted to GH¢122.3 billion, identical to 73.1 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at the time however 56.8 percent of GDP now. The feelings of financial backers, customers and organizations had additionally endured weighty drops bringing about portfolio inversions and low speculations that at last effect unfavorably on the nearby cash.

At that point, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was in the last year of a three-year Extended Credit Facility (ECF) program that planned to balance out the economy and set it back on the way of development.


By 2018, with Mr Ofori-Atta in control, these pointers had switched for the great, though under an all-inclusive IMF command and an economy that was bearing the conclusion of in excess of 450 monetary establishments and an energy area obligation differently assessed to be more than US$1.5 billion.

His harsh position on going through along with his procedure of supplanting short-dated obligations with longer-dated instruments demonstrated valuable. They furnished the economy with the required space to ‘breath’ and take on social foundation spends, including those from the Free Senior High School (SHS) program.

By a year ago, notwithstanding, the circumstance had decayed, with COVID-19 pandemic going about as an impetus.

The economy endured its first gloom in over thirty years, the obligation to-GDP proportion rose to 74 percent in November, the deficiency was assessed to end 2020 at 11.4 percent and more than 80% of homegrown income is currently used to pay obligation administration cost.

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