How You Can Avoid Supplementary Resits In The University And College.

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While taking your studies in institutions of higher learning, there are times when you would be told to repeat a certain unit or subject because you did not qualify to meet the minimum marks needed to be able to be able to show that you understood it. This is what is known as a supplementary resist, here are ways of how you can avoid it.

1) Read ahead of the tutor, reading ahead of the tutor comes with very many advantages. Going earlier through the topics to be covered, will make you understand faster what is being talked about

This will enable you to grasp the content and you will always be able to recall most of the things.

2) Go through the notes that the tutor has given you to read. Going through the reading material will enable you to have wider general knowledge of the topics.

This includes going through other reference books that the tutor has suggested you to use, this will enable you to be able to relate what is being talked about with the real-life situation.

3) Finishing all the assignments, make sure that you complete the assignment given by the tutor.

This will enable you to save a lot of time in doing other work and save yourself from the last-minute rush of doing the assignment. You should also make sure that you submit in time your assignment.

4) Finally, looking for more information about what you have been taught, this will enable you to have more advantage in skills compared to your fellow students, since you will know a bit more than what they know.

This will also enable you to gain extra skills that were not given in class but are necessary for you to use them, examples of such skills include, advanced methods of solving common occurring problems in a particular field.

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