Funny Face has been taken to a shrine, held under a wicked spell by his associate – Prophet

A mainstream prophet, Prince Elisha Osei Kofi has asserted that the reason for Funny Face’s ceaseless troubles is because of an awful spell that has been projected on him by one of his partners who he once battled with.

As per the prophet, albeit Funny Face has accommodated with that specific individual, the spell cast on him has still not been switched at the shrine he was shipped off.

“Recollect that I once revealed to you folks to petition God for Funny Face and that somebody has taken him to the shrine to humiliate him? Also, that he will run distraught and meander the roads? Those things have begun to show. A superstar, a well known individual is answerable for all the adversities Funny Face is experiencing. He took Funny to a shrine. Despite the fact that that individual has accommodated with Funny Face, the spell has still not been switched,” he expressed.

In a video that has turned into a web sensation via online media, the prophet has approached Ghanaians to mediate for the comedian else his condition will go from awful to more regrettable.

“I need we all to keep on petitioning God for him. All the things I saw about him have begun happening. In the event that we don’t strengthen our petitions, we’ll all awaken one day and understand that Funny Face has run frantic,” he expressed.

Famous people sympathizing with Funny Face after capture

During his experience with the police, most big names including the ones that he had a harsh relationship with broadened a hand of help.

Any semblance of Prince David Osei and LilWin, two of Funny Face’s foe didn’t stop for a second to toss their weight behind the comedian in his striving times.

One can review that in an online media post, LilWin communicated despondency about the evil treatment allotted to the Children’s President by the police while Prince David Osei appealed to God for his psychological wellness security.

This was unforeseen particularly on account of Prince David Osei in light of the fact that before his post via web-based media, Funny dispatched scorching assaults on him.

Funny Face blamed David Osei for being a two-timer who is claiming to cherish him.

On account of LilWin, his resentment with Funny has been in presence since 2019 dependent on two fundamental claims.

The misconception sprang when the Kumawood entertainer was tormented about how Funny Face got the Best Comedy Actor grant at the 2019 Ghana Movie Awards asserting he [LilWin] merited it.

Additionally, LilWin was claimed to have assumed a critical part in Funny Face and his child mother, Vanessa’s detachment which had a ‘bitter’ result.

Then, the comedian is as of now not on great footing with the majority of his partner entertainers including, Bismark the joke, Kalybos, General Ntatia, etc.

He has charged the previously mentioned similar to the reason for his partition from his ‘child mom’, Vanessa.

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