I Am Deeply Disappointed In John Mahama – Lawyer Maurice

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, a renowned private legal practitioner, expressed massive disappointment in Former President John Dramani Mahama and sought to know from him how long he wants the ongoing election petition at the Supreme Court of Justice to last.

He described the attempt by the Petitioner to subpoena the First Respondent, Madam Jean Mensa as a disappointment and lauded the ruling of the court over the Petitioner’s quest to subpoena the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission.

According to Maurice Ampaw, Madam Mensa rendered her accountability before Ghanaians through the declaration on December 7 and nothing can be done to amend a β€œno case petition.”

Mr. Maurice in an interview with Wontumi TV sent a strong message to Former President John Dramani Mahama saying:

We are not in normal times and we need a space to find an effective solution.  As at now, we do not have a stable government to focus. How long can we drag an election petition with state resources? How long can Mahama do this?

There are numerous cases that have been suspended due to the petition. The court has made it very clear and you must accept and close the case. So how long can we prolong a matter? I am deeply disappointed.

One thought on “I Am Deeply Disappointed In John Mahama – Lawyer Maurice

  1. Why not disappointed in Jean Mensah? Why also not disappointed in Akoto Anpaw, Jean Mensah and bias stomach judges who defending this fraudulent declaration, God will punish them all THIEVES.

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