Observe Covid-19 protocols as you observe Val’s Day – Nana Ofori-Attah

Nana Kweku Ofori-Attah, The Chief Executive Officer of eminent security organization Avcontech Limited has encouraged Ghanaians to adhere to the COVID-19 conventions as they mark the current year’s Val’s Day.

Nana Ofori-Attah in a meeting asked Ghanaians particularly the young to notice prudent steps set up by the wellbeing specialists to guarantee they don’t contact the infection since the Coronavirus is still with us.
“I realize individuals will meet to form the Valentine Day yet my supplication to them is sensible , the detailed cases continue going high so i will be able to encourage each and everybody to notice the conventions so that cases won’t rise once more”.

“It would remember that the world on each fourteenth February Celebrates the vals Day. In Ghana, it is otherwise called Chocolate Day and once President Akufo-Addo has reported the conclusion of Beaches, Pubs, Social Gatherings it shows how genuine the pandemic is,” Nana Ofori-Attah added.

The business financier who likewise fills in as a giver is known for the gift of CCTV Cameras to the Tesano Police Station, Ghana Police Service Headquarters, Ghana Prisons Service among other security organizations in the country.

His organization, Avcontech Limited gave CCTV Cameras with different gargets to Kwabenya Police Station after the shooting of the Inspector who was on the job.

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