“My kids say I am useless” – Widow cries

70-year-old widow, Afia Duku is in torment as her kids have deserted her since they claim she did not help build their future.

The mother of eight said her youngsters blame her for not supporting them further their schooling after they finished fundamental school notwithstanding the troubles she was experiencing.

She said life wasn’t smooth in any event, when her significant other was alive and it was through her endeavors that the vast majority of the youngsters had the option to go to class.

The widow said after the downfall of her life partner, life was troublesome however she figured out how to without any help provide food for the youngsters till they grew up. Tragically, she said they don’t perceive her endeavors and have deserted her for declining to help their schooling.

“My youngsters are not with me and they don’t visit me as well. At the point when their dad passed on, they were close to nothing so I attempted to cater for them however they guarantee I didn’t successfully uphold their future. I cry constantly out of agony. I just get with them through one of their companions so I realize they are alive”.

Her battles

The helpless lady said life hasn’t been reasonable for her as she battles to take care of herself and get clinical consideration.

She said she depends on blessings from neighbors since her brush business isn’t beneficial.

“I was admitted to the clinic and I was unable to take care of my bills. It was a kind person who paid for my release. I have been starving and this room I live in was offered to me by another considerate neighbor after the previous house I lived in imploded. Life has not been simple.” She said.

CCF is hitting home with the general population to go to the guide of the helpless widow.

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