I didn’t lose anything leaving Shatta Wale but I became depressed – Addi Self

Addi Self, a defunct member of the Shatta Movement Militants, has disclosed that he became depressed when he fell out with Shatta Wale.

He told have DJ Slash that one of his depressing moments in his life was when Shatta Wale came out to peddle lies and falsehood about him after they went their separate ways.

Addi Self who is originally known as Jafaro Mohammed said he looked up to Shatta Wale as a Mentor, but, he felt pained after Shatta Wale came out to say negative things about him.

“That is one of my hardest challenges. It affected me badly. I was depressed for some time, but I had strong individuals around me, prayed a great deal, and as a spirited person, I came out of the depression and came out stronger.”

He said it was a great initiative for him to push his music when he was around Shatta Wale because he had such a lot of adoration for him.

When asked on the off chance that he has a decent relationship with Wale, he said:”I am cool with him, but I don’t know about him”.

According to him, he concentrated a great deal from the camp of Shatta Wale and is happy he had the chance to meet him.

He added he didn’t lose anything leaving Shatta Wale.

Addi Self said Ghanaians are loving his vibe and the media is also supporting him to develop.

As someone who has battled from the ghettos and hawked in the city, he wants to utilize his music to tell the battles he went through.

Meanwhile, he has pledged never to get back to the Shatta Movement again.

In explaining what caused their separation, Addi Self said, “what happened was beyond music but I am unwilling to disclose what that was”.

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