How well do you know your country; free giveaways and airtimes to be won.

Answer these simple questions and you could win free airtime and quite a number of giveaways , how well do you know your beloved motherland!!!

  • In which year did Ghana become a Republic?

  • Who was the second president of the second Republic of Ghana?

  • I stand as an insignia, that represents the power of a political leader, I am made up of some Ghanaian adinkra symbols, I was also crafted by an artist in the in Nkrumah era. To the presidency of every country across the world, I am of very significant importance. And also diverse of my Kind, can be found in off almost every human being. Bars in every way I serve the same purpose even in the Presidential Palace what am I?

Where in Ghana does a green which Meridian pass?

What makes you love your country you enjoy while living in it?

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