Valentine’s Day ,How to Surprise Your Girlfriend: 5 Romantic Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, meaning shelves of heart-shaped candy boxes, pink and red roses and piles of fluffy teddy bears will be piled high soon. It’s true that we can show love and gratitude year-round, but about Valentine’s Day and the romantic flowers and presents that surround the holiday, there’s something so enjoyable and romantic.

It’s a perfect opportunity to flex your imagination and explain to her how you feel. For each relationship level, there are different Valentine’s Day ideas and some women care more about the holiday than others, so keep that in mind when choosing gifts or arranging dates. If you’re looking for a laid back idea or something more lavish, this Valentine’s Day we have all the ideas you need to impress her.

How to impress your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day away from home.

If you schedule a special outing for her on Valentine’s Day, your girlfriend will definitely be impressed.

  1. Plan an outing together
    Cater to her adventurous side and schedule a romantic outdoor date if your girlfriend wants to get out and explore. Some choices include hiking, camping, boating, hitting the slopes and kayaking, depending on the weather and where you live. Any outdoor gear on her wish list, such as a sleeping bag or a thermal water bottle, may be a perfect gift to combine with this date.

2. Take her to an occurrence or show
Surprise her with tickets if her favorite artist or sports team happens to be in town on or around Valentine’s Day. If the event is out of town, by having a hotel and exploring the city, make a mini holiday out of it. She’s going to enjoy the show and be struck by the effort you put into the experience.

3. Night of a Movie
By making your own personal cinema, take movie night to the next level. Rent a projector on a blank white wall or a large screen to watch movies. Of course, don’t forget a couple of bed sheets, pillows, and candles. Grab a nice large bowl of freshly popped popcorn alongside her favorite snacks and drinks to have. Switch on your favorite movie and have fun!

4. Dance Party One-on-one
Why not throw her a one-on-one Valentine’s Day dance if your girlfriend likes to dance? Not everybody’s forte is dancing, so make sure it’s something she enjoys before you make your plans. Build a music playlist with a strong combination of fast and slow tracks. Tell her to dance slowly and she’ll have those school butterflies dancing all over again.

5. Sweet surprise
There is no better time to indulge than on Valentine’s Day if your girl has a sweet tooth. Set up a dessert tasting buffet, make her cute heart-shaped cookies, or build a special dessert box and place her favorite dessert inside. Of course, you can still leave it to the pros and get chocolates shipped to her and other new treats.

Remember: When preparing your Valentine’s Day surprise for her, bear in mind her interests, your past dates and the length of your relationship. If you feel lost or pressed for time, leave the pros with presents and have them deliver a stunning new gift that she’ll appreciate. Don’t think too much about the gift you offer or your planned date: you know her best and have the best idea of what she’s going to like.

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