solve some fun riddles and win some wonderful prizes

Welcome, three simple riddles await you; complete them if you are able and move to the final stage to claim your prizes.

  1. riddle riddle!!

people trust me mainly as a source for preservation,

it dose not matter the temperature of my environment,

as long as I am working I make sure everything within me

is kept or preserved.

what am I ?

(2) riddle riddle!!

I am one of the most feared yet loved elements of nature,

I am considered one of the most relevant and important discoveries of man,

I am needed for the process of cooking to take place and when you look up to

the sky on a bright day, you will see another one of my kind yet you can touch

neither of us even if you were given the chance.

What am I?

(3)riddle riddle !!

I am needed by every student and even though I have no intelligence

I can make your thoughts physically appear for people to understand if you allow me. In recent times, I come in different colors, shapes and

sizes, and they say I am mightier than a sword.

What am I?

submit or send your answers to any of the of the following accounts;

you can follow and simply drop your answers in the comments section

This quiz consists of three stages after completing and submitting this stage, you can proceed to the next stage where you can even leave with some prizes if you do not wish to continue.

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