My love, my darling, my all in all. This is my love story.

When I was finally done crying, I went on with my search. I began asking people whether they had seen my beloved and they responded in the negative. I told them about how loving and caring my beloved was. They were enthused by what they heard about him so they decided to join me and search for him so they would also fall in love with him. Finally, we found my beloved, he happily hugged me, kissed me and came to live with me forever.

Brethren, the beloved is Jesus Christ. I yearned for him but when he finally came to knock on the door of my heart after passing through sufferings which signify the due and mud, I refused to open up to him and let him come into my heart. Finally, He, my beloved who is also the holy spirit sadly left after several attempts to come into my heart.

I later came to my consciousness and decided to search for him but the enemy bruised and tormented my life. After that, I seriously searched for him and as I was searching, I was evangelizing and witnessing about Jesus to people who also followed me to find him for themselves. We later found him and we lived happily.

Beloved, this is my summary of the song of Solomon in the Bible. Seek Jesus while he may be found. Do not procrastinate. The time is now. Seek him, and you will live happily. Happy valentines day.

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