My boobs fell from my brassiere whiles crossing the street – Lady uncovers

Joyce Addo, prevalently alluded to as Queen has uncovered that her boobs tumbled from her brassiere while crossing a street and the responses from onlookers were stunning.

In a meeting with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami, she showed while stumbling into the road, the heaviness of her boobs tore the bra lashes.

“I felt so modest particularly the remarks from the cab drivers and individuals around. I was wearing a dress as well so it was noticeable. I heard remarks you’ll murder us with your boobs, what is this? So I immediately bounced into a taxi and returned home, ” Queen said.

She added that such episodes happen frequently as another person tumbled off a treadmill at a person while gazing at her boobs.

“When I entered the rec center, I saw him gazing. He in the long run tumbled off the treadmill and I realized it was a direct result of me, ” Queen affirmed.

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