Fella Makafui- Natural or Artificial “Bombom”?

Usually, after giving birth, most women try as much as possible to maintain their stature for their husbands. Could this be the case of Fella Makafui?The TV series Yolo screen diva, Fella Makafui, who had recently put to bed is seems, to have grown big “Bombom” overnight. Fella got married in early February of the year 2020 with the allegation of being pregnant before tieing the knot with the husband, AMG Medical which caused her to collapse during her marriage ceremony. Few months down the lane, Fella was featured in a song by the husband and seen heavily pregnant. Not long after that, that she gave birth to bouncing baby girl on the 27th of August 2020 who they named Island. Three months, after giving birth, Fella posted a picture of how her 3months postpartum body was which she captioned “3months postpartum body never look this good”

A recent photo of her advertising for Crystal Galaxy College, a school in Ghana showed that her backside had been tempered with. This photo got people questioning her then and now.

She had however removed her all old pictures causing people to ask of the sudden body transformation. Why would someone remove all her pictures just because they have now transformed? Shouldn’t they use it to praise and thank God for His goodness and mercy? Could it be that the actress has done a liposuction or what? Looking at the side effects of this act, I hope she hasn’t because the side effect is really horrible with rotten buts. The actress was seen at the gym with a fallen buttocks that got people talking that she was wearing baby’s diapers.

Her instagram fans were of the view that, she had added something to her back. This comment was made by one user called @therealforeignface; “so sure you did not add”.

The actress was not bothered by the comments of her followers since she made it obvious that, her sudden change in shape is by kind courtesy @simplysnatched. She however, credited her transformation to @simplysnatched and told Ghanaians to expect her second child in her latest instagram post.

It has become a normal practice for ladies nowadays to crave for big back forgetting the long term effects should they temper with it clinically. Who knows the cost of this liposuction and buttocks enlargement that most Ghanaian celebrities are going for?. A question left to be answered another time.

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