We can’t constrain Jean Mensa to give proof – Supreme Court makes a decision about hearing Mahama’s political race request

The Supreme Court has in a consistent choice maintained the application by the first and second Respondents not to call any observers in the continuous political decision appeal hearing.

The choice by the summit court follows oral contentions made by the attorneys for the Electoral Commission and President Akufo-Addo that their customers can’t be constrained to affirm.

Refering to Order 38, rule 3 (e) sub-rule 1 and 5 of CI 47 as revised by CI 87, the two advice had contended that the weight of verification in the appeal hearing lies on the applicant and along these lines it will not be right for the lead counsel for Mr. John Mahama to initiate proof from the Chairperson of the EC, Jean Mensa.

However, contesting these contentions, lead counsel for the solicitor, Tsatsu Tsikata said since the attorneys have not made an accommodation of no case, the weight of verification doesn’t make a difference as contended by the legal counselors for the EC and Akufo-Addo.

He likewise clarified that the EC Chairperson has a protected obligation to give records of occasions that prompted the December 9, 2020 political race announcements and to explain how a few mistakes were made.

However, favoring the respondents in its decision, the Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin – Yeboah said presenting an observer proclamation doesn’t establish proof until the observer enters the container and makes the vow to demonstrate dependence on it.

Once more, the statements in affirmations concerning the interrogatories don’t mean the observer can be constrained.

He clarified that no arrangement in the constitution or resolution has been called attention to show the EC administrator can be exposed to various principles in spite of set up standards of methodology and settled practice.

Boss Justice Anin Yeboah likewise favored the respondents that the weight of evidence lies on the solicitor and must be moved when that condition has been fulfilled.

He kept up that the court doesn’t host the ability to urge a get-together to give proof.

The pinnacle court has consequently requested the respondents to document their addresses for the conclusion of their case by February 17.

Hearing has additionally been suspended to February, 18 2021.

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