The story of Macharia the woman with strange Beard’s

Faith Macharia who is now 40 years old began developing beard at the age of 24. While she at first struggled with esteem issues and even reflected expensive surgery, Ms Macharia determined to try self-love and now walks with her chin up.

Faith also started the bearded girls employer in 2018 to assist other girls going through a similar challenge.

Here’s her story as narrated by means of her to a area media outlet.

“You seem beautiful, why are you stressing your self about the developing beard?” the doctor instructed me. This marked the starting of my experience to self-love. The subsequent day I looked at my reflection in the replicate and determined to love myself and take delivery of what I couldn’t change.

It started out with one strand of hair on my chin, then two, and my razor helped trim the two strands. What I did not comprehend was that my motion would make bigger the boom of my then invisible beard. I used to be 24 at the time and had been enjoying existence except a worry in the world, go away on my own a hair growth on my chin.

One day, my aunt requested me, “Are you growing a beard?” I didn’t take be aware of what she used to be getting at. I regarded it a stupid joke. But after the trim, extra strands of hair commenced popping and the extra I trimmed the greater they grew. It began bothering me.

‘What is incorrect with me? Women don’t develop beards, do they? How do I deal with it permanently? Won’t anyone assume am cursed? What do I do? Why me?’

My only solution at the time was once to shave the beard as neatly as I could, cowl my chin and stroll around with a smile on the outside, and be secretly tearing up on the inside.

In 2006, when I turned 26, I decided to are looking for professional help. I wished to locate out what was once wrong with me and if I had to live my life hiding my chin. The first medical doctor I visited, cautioned me to accumulate a tablet prescription that would stability my hormonal imbalance – an extra of androgen – or a laser surgery for my hirsutism condition. The choices would cause a large hole in my pocket.

I, therefore, decided to are searching for a 2nd opinion, which I am happy I did. “The doctor right here baffled and amused me,”

He said, “Faith, you do no longer need to take tabs or have an steeply-priced procedure.” All I wanted used to be self-love and acceptance, he advised. Shave the beard if I had to, and not stress about having a laser surgical treatment that will value a fortune, he instructed me.

I left the hospital glad and ready to take on anything. The next day I commenced my ride of growing my confidence, self-esteem, and playing life one day at a time. I have by no means seemed back.

My relationship lifestyles has been like any different woman’s. Bumpy at instances and straightforward at others. True, my beard has caused some issues—I have had a man stroll out on our relationship due to the fact of it. But my poor ride has not shattered my dream of love, marriage, a huge house, and children.

Luckily for me, I have in no way had a disagreement concerning my beard. When I grow it to visible length, I crack a shaggy dog story when anybody stares at me. I think my confidence attracts a nice vibe.

My 9 old son gives me more willpower to forge ahead. I have taught him to take delivery of my beard and have the self assurance to keep away from disagreement or bullying from his peers.

I had continually pondered on the concept of doing some thing to share my confidence and help others going through similar challenges. It took a news headline of a bearded woman who had been informed to undress in police custody to decide her gender, to gasoline the desire. I notion to myself “I would be next or that would have been me,”. That is why in October 2018, The Bearded Women Organization used to be born.

Am presently using Twitter , my Facebook page, and the Bearded Women Organization Facebook page, to attain out to female with beards who want a shoulder to lean on and to create awareness about bearded women. Having a beard as a female is no longer a curse and we need to be universal and loved.

It brings me remarkable joy for a girl to name me and inform me, “I have now not shaved my beard, humans preserve staring at me and I have not given them the electricity to take my joy. Am smiling interior out.”

I hope to attain out to extra girls internationally, via the organization and trade society’s view of bearded women.

I think about my beard a fine that makes me different, and no longer a curse or some thing to be ashamed of. I do shave it, however even when shaved, you will note the stubbles on my chin.

When you love yourself and take delivery of that which you have no electricity to control or trade you thrive. It can be weight problems or a bald head. My self belief has blanketed me from ridicule, fear, and allowed me to stroll around chin up.”

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