Pray For Ghana: It’s Sad But There’s Hope – Nigel Gaisie

Nigel Gaisie, founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel has revealed that he finds it difficult sleeping at night because of what he keeps seeing about Ghana.

The prophet, as he claims to be, in a post on Facebook calls on Ghanaians to pray for Ghana because the image of Ghana that he sees spiritually is an ugly one, hence, his inability to put his eyes to rest at night.

”I haven’t been able to sleep all night because of what I keep seeing about our dear nation spiritually.; Kindly pray for Ghana….it’s sad but there is hope,” the post states.

Nigel Gaisie is notable for his prophecies in favour of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and his prophecies about misfortunes.

Nigel Gaisie, prior to the 2020 December polls, has made a prophecy that President Nana Addo  would lose the election but contrarily, Nana Addo retains his position as the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Many Ghanaians, on the basis of this and several others, describe him as a ‘false prophet.’

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