This course will introduce students to the nature of Science and its implication for teaching and learning, and the basic knowledge and practices in the use of different methods in the teaching and learning of Science in the upper primary and junior high school. Students will acquire basic knowledge and practice in the use of lesson plans to enable them become well prepared to teach Science. Teaching methods such as activity method, demonstration, discussion, guided discovery, games, projects, and field trips will be discussed. It will also require student-teachers to scaffold learning; practice how to promote active engagement of the learner; expose and discuss common misconceptions; organize the syllabus into schemes of work and further into lesson notes; use assessment as a means of advancing learning; develop effective and interactive teaching techniques and styles; and use collaborative rich tasks to engage pupils in co-operative small group work. The approaches that would be used in the delivery of this course should prepare trainees to ensure the learning progress of all students by projecting gender roles and issues relating to equity and inclusivity.

Please note that the first file is the Course outline.

The second file is the course pack.Thank you.

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