Pre-service teacher education equips trainees with the knowledge, skills and professional values they need to begin their professional lives as teachers. In many contexts however, the pre-service education is not adequate to prepare trainees for their entire career journey. It is also evident that there are gaps between what teachers learn in the course of their initial training and what happens in actual practice. These gaps, as well as new occurrences in the teaching profession (such as educational reforms and introduction of new teaching strategies) must be communicated to teachers and addressed through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Again, opportunities must be created to reinforce the knowledge and skills of teachers once they exit initial training to make them master certain skills and enhance their professional capacities regularly for effective delivery of good quality education. More importantly, the convention in many developed countries is that, pre-service education and training should be followed by further development which entails induction and CPD in recognition of the stages of teachers’ career life and their corresponding needs. Therefore, it is important for pre-service teachers to recognise that their initial training is only the first step in the life-long journey of teaching. Additionally, currently in Ghana, the introduction of the teacher licensing requires in-service teachers to renew their licenses after accumulating a number of CPD points. This requirement makes it necessary for teachers to take advantage of every INSET opportunity to update their knowledge and skills and also regularly renew their teaching license.

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