What you need to know about Black Beach film featuring two songs from Shatta Wale

The newest addition to Netflix, Black Beach, features Ghana from soundtracks to movie locations.

The Black Beach film tells the story of a businessman who gets a mission to intercede in favor of a US oil industry engineer who has been kidnapped in Africa, according to IMDb.

Who was the director for Black Beach?

The film, directed by the award-winning Spanish film director Esteban Crespo, shows a typical young man who is a model of rectitude and willing to fight for a better future for poor Africans who are victims of embezzlement and mismanagement.

Where did Black Beach get filmed?

In various places, including Ghana, Spain and Belgium, the Black Beach film was filmed.The team behind the production captured amazing scenes of the coastal belts in the Central Region. Ghana is the most dominant location in this film. The Castle of Elmina, one of the oldest slave castles founded by the Portuguese in 1482, was also used by them. This was the first post on the Gulf of Guinea established for the slave trade.

With some of the natives as part of the casts, they also shot in some of the rural areas in Ghana, this is a world-class production and a highly invested movie as well.

In Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands of Spain, some parts of the movie were shot. Playa del InglΓ©s, Puerto Rico, Puerto de MogΓ‘n and San AgustΓ­n are also other sites.

Black Beach Film Soundtracks

Two of Shatta Wale’s songs, Ayoo and My Level, feature in the Black Beach film.

Shatta Wale, featured on Beyonce’s album The Lion King: The Gift with Major Lazer and Guilty Beatz, is one of the most known dancehall artists in Africa.

With so much love from the streets of Accra and other parts of Ghana, Ayoo and My Level are both some of Shatta Wale’s chart-topping hits.

Black Beach Movie Awards Won

So far, The Black Beach Movie has won many nominations, including the Malaga Spanish Film Festival, Media Awards for Hollywood Music, Goya Awards, Circle Awards for Cinema Writers, Spain and many others.

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