Mother And Son Caught On CCTV Camera Stealing From A Wine Shop At Tema Community 9.

A young man and a middle-aged woman have been filmed by CCTV camera stealing from a wine shop at Tema Community 9.

The police are yet to confirm the incident and details about the young man and the woman. But information circulating on social media indicted that the pair are mother and son.

In the video, the woman was seen walking around the shop looking out for her son as he selects the items they intend to make away with.

The young guy brought out several expensive wines as his mother hides them in her underwear in order for the attendant not to see.

While they were carrying out the mission, someone was coming and the mother had to block her son in order for the person not to see what they are up to.

However, the shop owner revealed that the two walked into the shop with the intention of buying some drinks but unknown to them, they were actually in to steal from them.

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