Medikal’s administrator is into dark enchantment so be cautious – Showboy cautions Teephlow

Ghanaian rapper and web-based media influencer, Showboy has made another declaration from his jail repression in the United States about his companion, Flow Delly of AMG Business popularity.

In his normal reckless way, Showboy, who is the prime supporter of AMG Business and CEO of 2Hype Gang has encouraged Teephlow to avoid Medikal on the grounds that his chief Flow Delly is only detestable.

He said MDK’s Manager Flow Delly cherishes dark sorcery along these lines, he would ensure that he ties him from getting a hit melody in the music business.

Showboy added that Strongman attempted to meat Medikal and from that point forward, he is attempting to get a hit tune. He tweeted:

“Last exhortation to Teephlow .. mdk in director called FLOW DELLY … HE LOVES JUJU PAA .. … If u go attempt medikal them go simply burry ur soul … Please stop it. .. AMG Boyz be lethal … . On the off chance that u don’t have a right mallam and no get heart go Benin ???????? try not to meat us lethal

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