Funny Face clashes with Prince David Osei after arrest

A petition emoji from Prince David Osei proposed to convey how he identifies with Funny Face experiences landed him in difficulty as the enraged joke artist pitched fits in response, notice the entertainer to cut the affectation or face his rage.

A bothered Funny Face who has had two ineffective relationships among others offended Prince David Osei and blamed him for uniting with partners in the business to plot his ruin.

“Try not to allow me to begin uncovering your privileged insights. You collaborated with my haters Kalybos, Bismark, Liwin, General Ntetia to disrespect me… You folks required a war. You can’t deal with,” Funny Face commented.

Funny Face was captured on Monday after he was occupied with a squabble with a drinking bar proprietor. Focal Regional Police PRO, DSP Irene Serwaa Oppong told the media the comic was accounted for to have discharged notice shots with his siphon activity weapon during the fight, an activity which incited his capture.

Video clasps of his capture therefore overflowed different online media pages. The recordings caught how Funny Face was mistreated by the police.

A displeased Funny Face later shared the video on his Instagram page and inscribed it: “Ghana Police will consume in hellfire. Outfitted looters will proceed to shoot and murder u all in JESUS name” – a post which evoked compassion from many including Prince David Osei however his sympathizing was energetically dismissed.

“Your supplication sign in my can… ” Funny Face raged with rage.

In any case, Prince David Osei set up a post saying, “My sibling I am not against you and can never be against you sibling, I sympathize with your torment and feel for you…”

“All will be well brother, it is fascinating how a few people including bloggers, sending me screen captures of you offending me on your page, since I sent an expression of supplication to you… I will not allow them to win brother, simply asking why they will not utilize that equivalent energy they utilizing now to make ineptitude pattern, to request help for you, and discussion about your Police Brutality… Appealing to God for you FunnyFace all these will pass soon!! Appeal to God FOR FUNNY FACE.”

Over the most recent few months, Funny Face has recorded a few recordings uncovering the downpour of misfortune and show that have come upon his relationships.

He has on endless events charged Kalybos, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, and Bismark The Joke of continually hawking lie about him. He has likewise censured them for his marriage hardships.

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