18 Important Things Students In The University Should Know

  1. It is more swag, flex and prestigious to be a student of LEGON or KNUST than to be a student of UEW, UCC or UDS student. However, that does not determine who becomes great in future. Never compete with students from other schools. Build bonds not bones.
  2. If your programme is Diploma or HND, be minded to further without any break. Most minimum job requirements are Bachelor’s Degree. Perhaps, your WASSCE results, or other factors, did not permit you to pursue a degree straight away. Don’t be discouraged, just determine to quickly top-up upon completion.
  3. Not all your classmates must be your friends. Don’t throw yourself or force yourself on anyone. Just go with the flow while respecting everyone.
  4. There is no job guarantee for you after the study. Apart from Nursing Training, Teacher Training and Medicine students who’ll be posted directly to fill vacancies in their respective fields, all others will search and compete for the few opportunities available. Take note.
  5. Let prayers lead you. In the school, there are a lot of people from all walks of life. Some are not humans. Some consult spirits, burn candles, chat with ghosts in the night, etc. Attach yourself to a strong praying and Bible-believing church. As Counsellor Kojo Swedru, I recommend “The Church of Pentecost”.
  6. If you’re in Private University, the public impression is that you’re not very intelligent. You did not meet the cut-off grade for your ideal programme in a public university that’s why you opted for the private. Don’t fight this impression because, after all, it’s 90% true. Focus on success in life. In fact, some private universities like Ashesi, etc are more prestigious than most public ones.
  7. Never challenge a lecturer, at least, in public or in-front of your class. If you must do that, be extremely tactical such that your genuine intentions (if you have) would not be misinterpreted.
  8. Not all your coursemates will graduate with you. Some could die, others will not be able to pay their fees, and a few others will travel abroad. In fact, some will quit and pursue some other ‘life’. Regardless of whatever happens on the way, just keep moving.

Thank you!

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