• homosexuality involves sexual relationship between people of the same sex homosexuality takes place among men; it also takes place among women. In the case of women it is known as lesbianism. In the keys of men, homosexuals are referred to as gays.Due to this individual who engage themselves in such act faces many challenges and situations.

lesbianism and gayism

it is observed that some females prefer to be in female company as against male company.Some factors have been identified as the causes for such relationships.Some some females might have suffered sexual exploitation buy male partners and in the end have been jilted by the men. When a female experience is such an unhealthy situation in life,She may turn off all possible feelings towards males. She may prefer finding solace in female company rather than male company. This may lead to homosexual tendencies.

the development of love,sympathetic and understanding associations among adolescent girls may in some cases lead to homosexual behaviours.Girls who fall into this kind of relationship design and find time with their partners during which they physically stimulate each other’s external genital organs to satisfy their sexual instincts.it is very important for parents to know more about these issues and educate their children about the dangers associated with such practices.children who are young and ignorant should be advised against such an acceptable relationship before they enter body institutions so that they do not yield to them.Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?Donot be deceived.homosexuality become prevalent in situations where members of the same sex are put together for a longer period for example in prisons and institutions when they are filled with sexual passions they give vent to their feelings by restoring to using the anus of other members in the case of men as an entry point into the body to relieve pent-up sexual desires.The tendency for this desire to be a habit of some people to the extent that they end up not being able to develop much love for the opposite sex. Such people believe and behave like married people in some cases. This situation should be discouraged.Some however put an end to this unhealthy relationship and behaviour when they enter into serious relationship with members of the opposite sex.

That shouldn’t be so.

God’s purpose for creating sex is for enjoyment between too many people and also for perpetuating the human race.it is therefore a grievous sin if sexual relationship is made to take place between two people of the same sex, be it males or females. The situation one may face is that he or she will never be interested in marriage as a stated by God. They during their sexual pleasure contrary to God’s natural order with members of the same sex.This contravenes God’s command.we must repent transformed and be determined not to abuse God’s giving gift of sex.Similar warning is given in leviticus 20:13,”if a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is this detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads”. This clearly shows us that instant judgement was given by God.

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