this was how Funny Face was dragged, mercilessly beaten by police before arrest

Hauled, beaten, and constrained into a reserve police van. That was the manner by which Funny Face was taken care of and treated by a gathering of cops who captured him on February 8, 2021, for the unlawful release of a gun in Kasoa.

It was a humiliating sight as scores of bystanders held onto each action and powerlessly looked on as their number one VIP was ‘abused’ by the cops.

Displeased ‘Funny Face’ posted a video which catches each snapshot of his capture via web-based media and inscribed it: “Ghana Police will consume in hellfire. Equipped looters will proceed to shoot and execute u all in JESUS name”.

Clearly tormented about the way in which he was captured, Funny Face addressed why he was dealt with like a cheat.

What prompted the capture?

It was accounted for that Funny Face occupied with a quarrel with a bar administrator when he visited the spot.

Portraying the occurrence, Central Regional Police PRO, DSP Irene Serwaa Oppong in a meeting with Joy News said the joke artist was captured on Monday after he was occupied with a quarrel with the drinking bar proprietor.

As per DSP Oppong, Funny was additionally answered to have discharged notice shots with his siphon activity firearm during the fight, an activity which provoked his capture.

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