Parliament of Ghana shuts down among MPs over COVID outbreak. Click to see what happened

For at least three weeks, the Ghanaian Parliament has been shut down due to a spike in coronavirus cases among lawmakers and workers.

The coronavirus has infected at least 17 members of parliament and 151 support workers, which has already prompted lawmakers to restrict their assembly meetings.

On Tuesday, Alban Bagbin, the speaker of the house, declared that the legislature would be in recess until March 2 to make room for “disinfection and sanitation of the premises.”

“I decided to adjourn the sitting of the House for three weeks in consultation with the leadership,” Bagbin said, adding that the Parliament’s appointments committee will continue to meet to discuss the ministerial nominees of President Nana Akufo-Addo, re-elected in December.

Since the pandemic started, the West African country has recorded 73,003 coronavirus cases, including 482 deaths.

Wide social events such as funerals, marriages and celebrations are forbidden, and since March 2020, the country’s land and sea borders have remained closed to human trafficking, although beaches, night clubs, cinemas and pubs continue to remain closed.

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