Military attack in parliament: What whimsical story is Kan-Dapaah telling c’ttee? – Felix Kwakye

A previous appointee Information Minister, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, has scrutinized the disclosure Albert Kan-Dapaah has told the Parliament’s Appointment Committee with respect to the intrusion of outfitted men in the chamber on January 7, 2021.

The President’s chosen one for the Minister of National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah told the council a leader whose name he didn’t make reference to trained the outfitted men to attack parliament when he saw things were escaping submits the chamber.

Kan-Dapaah adds that the furnished men were told to go in to reestablish request by the administrator because of the fight that emitted in the chamber during the appointment of the authority of the eighth parliament.

He said military leader made the move on his own volition without looking for any exhortation from anybody.

In any case, Felix Kwakye Ofosu responding to the improvement has depicted the portrayal as a silly story in a tweet on his Twitter handle located by GhanaWeb.

He tested how a Commander on his own will choose to arrange warriors to storm parliament to reestablish request.

What quizzical story is Mr Kan Dapaah telling about the raging of the Parliamentary Chamber by Soldiers?That a Military Commander on his own chose to arrange officers to storm Parliament to reestablish request?

— Felix Kwakye Ofosu (@FelixKwakyeOfo1) February 10, 2021

On January 7, the appointment of the Leadership of the eighth Parliament deteriorated into an all out emergency with furnished military work force raging the office of Parliament to reestablish request.

In an extremely emotional depressed spot for Ghana’s popular government, the MPs-choose who had contended throughout the night over the mystery polling form convention were visited in the chamber by around two dozen vigorously equipped troopers notwithstanding a comparable number of outfitted police work force.

Be that as it may, in reacting to these activities by the military men, Kan Dapaah told the advisory group “… It is something odd when you have a military group attack the parliamentary chamber. For reasons unknown when I saw it, I was additionally frightened and my associates in government was frightened that it had occurred. Thus, I went out of the way to discover how it occurred. It was that basic, someone, an authority as he would see it imagined that things were turning crazy in the chamber and that he expected to go there to attempt to reestablish request.” he uncovered

Then, Kan-Dapaah told the board of trustees has the case has been alluded to the Chief of Defense Staff for fitting move to be made.

“… I realize that the CDS has been approached to research the matter and to make the proper move on the off chance that he additionally drops by the end that was done was absolutely amateurish. Orders have just been given for the CDS to make the proper move. Furthermore, no one should belittle the meaning of what occurred,” Mr Kan – Dapaah said.

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