Jean Mensa can’t flee from my interrogation – Tsatsu Tsikata

Legal advisor Tsatsu Tsikata who is the lead counsel for the flagbearer of the NDC and solicitor John Dramani Mahama has unveiled that its absolutely impossible the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Jean Mensa can flee from interrogation.

Recently, the candidate in the progressing political decision request shut his case in court after their third observer Rojo Mettle-Nunoo got done with his interrogation.

Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, counter-contended: “It is our conscious accommodation that counsel for the primary respondent that not have it opened to him to take the course that he just proposed to this court. Request 36 Rule 4(3) that he alluded to, explicitly says: ‘Where the litigant chooses not to show proof’. In this procedures, the respondent has placed in an observer proclamation.”

“The political decision that they made to present the observer proclamation to the court, is an unmistakable an obvious sign that they made a political race to the opposite in light of the fact that My Lords, in these procedures, at the purpose of case the board, Your Lordships essentially posed inquiries from all gatherings as respects observers being called and it is at the purpose of case the executives where such a political race is advised to the court.

“By then, they chose to present an observer articulation. Presently, that witness articulation isn’t yet in proof; that is valid, yet this is alluding to a political decision; the purpose of political decision came at the purpose of the case the executives and we are consciously presenting that this observer can’t flee from questioning when they have chosen”, he contended.

Boss Justice Anin Yeboah, be that as it may, requested Mr Tsikata to restrain on his decision from words, saying “dodge” would have been a more fitting word to use, to which Mr Mahama’s attorney surrendered.

A portion of the Justices on the Bench likewise drew in Mr Tsikata for certain inquiries regarding whether his contentions implied an observer must, definitely, mount the dock even against their desire.

Equity Gertrude Torkornoo, for example contemplated whether it didn’t verge on basic liberties.

“Mr Tsikata I need to get something; would you say you are proposing that an observer can be constrained to give proof? Mr Tsikata isn’t convincing somebody to affirm a common liberties questions? It’s not possible for anyone to propel an observer to affirm”.

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