Adulting…Soft work #3

Kobby hadn’t planned to fall. To actually fall in love with a cougar. If only he had held on to his “non-plan”, his life wouldn’t have gone downhill. Unfortunately, it had, ever since setting eyes on Mrs. M. She was supposed to be divorced from her millionaire husband within 2 weeks of their meeting but now, 2 months later, she was back in her husband’s home from separation, to “give their marriage a second chance”.

Kobby still remembered the first day he met this woman. Not a damsel in distress scene, no. But it was at a party where she was being harassed by a semi-drunk man. Kobby had slipped from his table of many friends to go to her aid. Funny that he got to them just as this woman threatened and scared off the drunk man. Kobby had been slightly embarrassed and she had offered him a drink from the waiter. Following cliché, one thing had led to another and they had become a thing. Kobby had never loved any female, not even his pet Caucasian Shepherd, as much as Mrs. M. But her petite figure contrasted by her strong aura had his brain muddled up. Before he knew it, he was in too deep, literally. 

She had promised she’d be unshackled from her abusive marriage in no time. And he’d believed her, seeing as she was already separated from the man and living in her own posh condo, hidden in the residential hills of Aburi.

Her condo, surrounded by the freshest of nature had been their haven. Kobby couldn’t count how many cool days and hot nights they’d spent together there. The memories would not leave his head.

Their end had been a sad, hard one. Till this day, he chose to believe Mrs. M had gone with her husband only because of his threats against her children and life.

The night the thugs pounced on them in bed, was etched intricately, though regrettably on Kobby’s memory. He wished he could forget how they pummelled his body with huge fists and how Mrs. M screamed for mercy but to no avail. The most painful scene of that night was when her husband walked in behind the thugs and dragged his resisting wife in her lingerie out of the room and into a waiting vehicle. The last thing Kobby remembered was the unsually tall husband returning to the room, warning him never to be seen by his eyes and delivering the final blow that landed Kobby in a hospital, battling a serious concussion. Now some weeks later and healed from bodily pains, Kobby was raptured in heart. He knew after a taste of Mrs. M that he wanted no other woman.

Cougars were not the “softest of the soft” as Kofi had said. No. But Kobby was determined to get Mrs. M back. He’d up his game and make as much money as it took to get Mrs. M back in his life.

 Now, he had double motivation to pursue money through every soft work available until he had made a ton. His late brother Kwesi would be proud and he knew Mrs. M couldn’t wait to be rescued. It wouldn’t be soft work, but it would be hard, hard work. He was ready.

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