we have to look at certain things adolescents go through during during their lifetime.Adolesence is the transitional developmental period between childhood and adulthood. It is characterized by a lot of hormonal, physiological, psychological, emotional, developmental and switch on changes in the individual. This is the period during which parents should endeavour to exhibit love and understanding for their growing children who are at the threshold of adulthood and offer the appropriate counseling and guidance to them. The appreciation and right handling of a child’s developmental issues influence the Harmony in the home.

physically, adolescent boys and girls are no longer children. They are teenagers and are not yet adults but only look like adults. They are youthful and are still under parental control. This transition from childhood to adulthood is the period between 13 to 19 years of age. It is also a period of social and personal development when the individuals become conscious of himself or herself. During this, the following characteristics do show up:


  • daily contact with children makes parents overlook the entry of their children into adolescence period. The rapid physical growth, change in shape and function are often realised by the children themselves. There are also great wishes,expectation and ambitions in the teenage child as they mature sexually and entered a period of puberty. Puberty occurs naturally and teenagers must be guided to respond to the changes comfortably.the following changes may be observed in both the boy and girl during the period of puberty:


  • the height and hips increase in size
  • there is enlargement of breast
  • pubic hair appear on the body
  • menstrual discharges are observed
  • pimples may appear on the face.


  • the height,weight,size of foot and hands tend to increase
  • expansion of boy chest
  • enlargement of genital organ
  • skin of scrotum wrinkles
  • develop appetite for food
  • the voice deepens
  • Facial and pubic hair appear on the body

Emotional and social changes

  • parents will do well to observe in their children any of the following characteristics and assist then to overcome their emotional changes:
  • Search individuals deserve love and concern as well as security from the home.
  • they do not earn a living yet their numerous needs are expected to be met. Really want some leisure time and enjoyment and the need some freedom to pursue these.
  • Adolescent need understanding and appreciation.
  • Sometimes become too conscious of themselves.
  • They want their opinions respected.
  • Individuals develop self-confidence.
  • there is lack of satisfaction and as a result they easily get offended by adults and avert instructions.

NB: we now live in a world that is that is totally from from the one that we experience and their age. Lifestyles have changed; people’s perception of life, values and attitudes have also parent should this not expect the present-day child to behave just like the childof 45 years ago. Failure To realise this against the background of a changing world has landed many parents in despair as they attempt to use old-fashioned method to manage today’s youth.

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