UCC LNUGS Election: Did Possible Sleep Well Last Night?

The race to become the Local NUGS President-UCC, has not been easy at all with Possible as he strived assiduously to emerge the winner. This affirms the saying, “Man proposes but God disposes.”

Possible, as part of canvassing massive votes and winning political sympathy from the majority of the students had organized tutorials for lots of students on the UCC campus at the expense of his own studies.

No one would have believed that Possible’s dream of becoming the next Local NUGS President would not be realized considering the fame he has acquired on campus and considering the services he rendered to most students in his tutorials.

However, the ballot box is always full of surprises. The most undermined candidate can emerge as the winner.

Nana Kay of Casford hall was being declared the winner with 5,276 votes making 46.77% of the total votes cast while Possible obtained 4,949 votes making 42.93% of the total votes cast.

Possible’s defeat, considering the efforts he had put in towards winning the Local NUGS election necessitates the question, “did he sleep well last night?”

FaroukMedia wishes Possible and all defeated candidates well in their future endeavors.

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