NPP Chairman sacks students from classroom, secures building

Jaman South Constituency First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Henry Yaw Afful has supposedly secured the Ampenkro/Asatroa elementary school.

As per the Chronicles paper, the executive who fired the students from the homeroom before the conclusion, guarantees the public authority has not paid him for a work done.

The Chairman is said to have raged the school site and secured the entire school, leaving the understudies and the instructors abandoned.

The report expressed that the six unit study hall project was designated to his firm, Henforo’s development under the One Million Dollar for each Constituency as an agreement.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Jaman South Constituency of the Bono Region, Alhaji Abuu whiles talking in a meeting on radio in Sunyani, offered affirmation to give the school a transient spot for the interim.

He, in any case, condemned the demeanor of the firm as one which is inappropriate and unlawful in a general public in which they live; adding that the school helped the task with collective work.

“The activity by the worker for hire is grievous on the grounds that the local area upheld the task with shared work and, consequently, individuals should not endure,” Mr Abuu declared.

Mr Samuel Afful, the Head Teacher of the school just as inhabitants censured the demonstration.

They clarified that the conclusion has influenced the school’s exercises throughout the most recent couple of weeks.

In the interim, the worker for hire has vowed to give up the undertaking to the local area when the advisor guarantees the venture for him to be paid.

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