Funny Face Arrested For Firing Gunshot In Kasoa.

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Funny Face has been arrested by the Kasoa Millennium City Police station Command for firing a gunshot.

According to him, he went to see a certain lady at some part of Kasoa but the area guys stopped him because he didn’t reveal his identity that he’s a celebrity.

Funny Face noted that they stopping him from getting the girl resulted in an argument which even made one of the guys to slap him. So in other to scare the guys away, he had to fire a gun 21 times and this was what caused the police to arrest him.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Richard Kojo Nyarko, the Central Regional Police PRO, DSP Irene Serwaa Oppong said someone had reported Funny Face for causing a disturbance in a bar.

She stated that their investigations reveal the actor, born Benson Oduro Boateng, had gone to the bar where a misunderstanding ensued between him and the owner.

Although the two were separated, Funny Face went home, returned with a gun and fired warning shots, she added.

After arrest, the comedian also reported the owner for assault after sustaining injuries during the fight.

“Currently Funny Face is in the custody of the police will be granted bail today. The drinking spot operator is also in the custody of police and we are investigating him for assault,” DSP Oppong added.

She said that the gun has also been retrieved adding investigations are ongoing to determine whether it is a registered gun or not.

DSP Oppong stated that the police had to take the suspect, Funny Face, to the hospital to get his wounds treated.

“Yesterday police thought it’s wise that it wasn’t in the best interest of the suspects to be granted bail because we are to protect life and property

“Detention is not only for investigations to go on but then if we see that the life of the person is also not safe out there we also detain him.”

DSP Oppong said investigations are still ongoing adding, “we have also collected some exhibit from the scene of the crime” which is aiding the police in their investigations.

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