2020 Election Petition: I have no personality issues, that is the means by which I am – Rojo Mettle-Nunoo

Third observer of the candidate, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo
Mr Rojo Mettle-Nunoo, the third observer of the applicant in the progressing political race appeal hearing, has told the Supreme Court that he isn’t hotheaded.

In a feisty and rough questioning, Mr Mettle-Nunoo conflicted with the legal advisor of the main respondent on a few events.

Addressing an inquiry on whether he was volatile and discourteous, Mr Mettle-Nunoo said: “I have a disposition for reasonableness, a demeanor for needing to come clean and battling for what is correct.”

He further told the court that the previous Chair of the EC Dr Afari Gyan gave him freedoms to mention criticism in the strongroom “Dr Afari Gyan gave opportunity for mistakes to be rectified.”

He likewise told the attorney for the first Respondent to the EC, Mr Justine Amenuvor to give him a reasonable opportunity to react to questions presented to him.

Rojo said, “My Lords, I have demonstrated that I committed an error on the Ashanti outline sheet presentation in the EC’s solid space for quite certain reasons.”

“I’m not contending with you; I am not contending with my Lords; I am saying you need to offer me a reasonable chance to response the inquiry as the observer.”

In one of his clarifications, he said “You asked me an underlying inquiry that do I know the method and the cycle in the solid room and I said that the provincial outcomes are the outcomes submitted to the solid room ought not simply incorporate the rundown.

“It ought to incorporate the 275 supporters results that make up that outline, You can’t present the summery without the legitimization of the synopsis.”

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