UCC: Shuttle Fare To Go Up?

A rumor reaching FaroukMedia reveals that starting from Tuesday, February 9, students will pay double, the fare shuttle operators charged in the previous semesters before they can get on-board to their various destinations.

In an interview with a couple of students at the shuttle station, FaroukMedia seeking to know the authenticity of the rumor is being told by the interviewees that similar information reaching them has it that effective from Tuesday, students will have to pay an amount of GHc1.00 as the new fare to be charged by the shuttle operators but for today, they operate without any charges aiming at conveying people to their various halls of residence to cast their votes.

β€œI heard we will pay GHc1.00 now contrary to the old fare but as for today, it is free because of the on-going SRC, LNUGS, GRASAG, and JCRC elections,” one student tells FaroukMedia.

The new fare, compared to the fare charged by taxi drivers on campus is very cool and much affordable but “is it laudable to double the old fare?

Could not the increment be done progressively?

Would it not be laudable if they considered making 20% increment instead?” these are the questions students keep asking.

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