UCC Decides: Who Wins The SRC Presidential Race?

UCC Decides

Students of the University of Competitive Choice (UCC) go to the polls today, Monday, February 8 to elect SRC, Local NUGS, GRASAG, and JCRC executives for the 2020/2021 academic year to play leadership roles geared towards improving the welfare of the student populace.

The election, had it not been the outbreak of the pandemic, was scheduled to come off in March 2020 to enable a new administration to take over the baton from the previous administration.

The election is highly competitive as each contestant campaigns tirelessly to win massive votes. One of the most asked questions related to the election is, “who wins the SRC presidential race?”

The journey to the presidency consists of three contestants; Mr. Inusah Ayandeba, Mr. Edward Gordon, and Mr. Christopher Dadson.

Team Ayandeba

Inusah Ayandeba contests on the ticket of “Team Ayandeba” with Matilda Yankey as his running mate. Both candidates belong to the faculty of arts and are affiliated to Atlantic Hall and Valco Hall respectively. “Team Ayandeba” seeks to reintroduce the free shuttle policy initiated by Sir John, the 2018/2019 SRC President.

Team Gordon

“Team Gordon” is headed by Mr. Edward Gordon with Miss Eugenia Afi Opare as his running mate. Both candidates are from the faculty of law and social sciences respectively. Gordon is affiliated to Valco hall but was initially affiliated to Oguaa hall during his undergrads while Eugenia is an Of Oguaa haller. This team has the free data sim for all students as its major policy.

Team Topher

Mr. Christoper Dadson, from the school of allied sciences and Miss Saafa Rashida, from the social sciences, contest on the ticket of “Team Topher.” The halls of affiliation of these candidates are SRC hall and Kwame Nkrumah hall respectively. Team Topher seeks to expand WI-FI connectivity on campus.

It is currently cumbersome to predict the winner. All candidates have a great prospect of winning per FaroukMedia observation. The inclusion of the level hundred students in the election will automatically have a massive impact on “who wins the SRC election?” and this makes this year’s election highly competitive.

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