Salma Mumin falls on the knife of web-based media clients for ‘ambiguous’ missing MoMo story

Salma Mumin’s choice to give what she named “clear record” of what actuated her upheaval against telecom monster MTN in October a year ago did her more damage than anything else as it presented her to the harsh tone of some web-based media clients who blamed the endeavor and depicted the accommodation as ambiguous.

The entertainer had delivered an inadequate expression of remorse to MTN after the association took steps to make legitimate moves against her for going wild via web-based media and asserting without verification that over GH¢10,000 was “taken” from her MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) account without her insight.

“It was plainly mixed up. I thusly withdraw the said present and apologize unmeritedly on MTN Ghana for any bother brought about by my prior post,” said the beset entertainer who had been allowed a 24-hour final proposal to apologize or confront legitimate activities.

Albeit the issue had been settled, Salma Mumin on UTV’s United Showbiz, Saturday, offered a clarification to her allegation “since individuals actually haven’t disregarded it.”

She demanded her cash was in reality missing from her record since she took a stab at sending cash to DHL however the exchange bombed severally over cases that she had inadequate assets in spite of having more than 10,000 Ghana cedis in that account. She referenced that she made certain of her equilibrium since that record was for her dress line and despite the fact that clients had been paying for things to that represent some time, it was the first occasion when she was sending cash from that record to an element.

“MTN has a code for sending cash. There is the dealer code and the normal one. I have never committed error with the codes since it’s something I utilize day by day. I utilize the customary consistently however it was really my first time utilizing the vendor… I woke up today and I needed to cover DHL’s month to month bill for administrations they delivered. The exchange continued coming up short, I was told the sum in my wallet was inadequate. I took a stab at four events. I was stunned. I inquired as to whether I was not utilizing the correct code. I went on the web to crosscheck the code and it gave me a similar code,” she asserted, adding that all endeavors to get MTN to correct the test demonstrated worthless subsequently her upheaval.

Salma further guaranteed that after she vented via web-based media, she got a call from MTN. As indicated by her, the said worker advised her “they were glancing through their framework and could see my cash and that it wasn’t 10,000 yet 7,000, 500 and something… They sent me their information, I checked and expressed gratitude toward them. What’s more, quickly without them asking, I went via web-based media to say my concern has been settled by MTN.”

The entertainer additionally asserted MTN needed her to apologize again on the grounds that the association said her upheaval had harmed its image however she wouldn’t do as such until she was paid for that assistance “since that will be notice”. Her failure to get her administrator to arrange the terms of installment, she asserted, made MTN discharge the reply which constrained her to apologize on account of certain errors in her upheaval.

“I counseled my attorney and he said the way that I referenced 10,000 and it ended up being 7,000, I blundered so I should simply say sorry and proceed onward and that is actually what I did,” she guaranteed however again offered a statement of regret.

Her more than fifteen minutes clarification was anyway emptied by certain watchers.

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