Though I’m A Political Animal, I Decided Not To Do That – Nana Obiri Boahen

Nana Obiri Boahen, Deputy General Secretary of the ruling (New Patriotic Party) has promised to comment on the on-going election petition at the Supreme Court as an objective lawyer devoid of partisanship if the need arises.

According to the Deputy Secretary, his view on the election petition will be from a non-political point of view based on facts and his comprehension of the law in order to educate fellow countrymen and women who have decided to derive some knowledge from the proceedings of the court.

“As a lawyer who has a long-standing reputation even though I am a political animal, I have decided not to present a bias reportage when I’m asked to comment on this matter. I want to be fair because matters of this nature when I’m invited to contribute, I will be speaking to Ghanaians, not NPP or NDC supporters. I will be speaking to people some of whom may not be interested in politics at all but they want to learn the law so that’s what I have decided to do,” he revealed.

The Deputy General Secretary further added that when the on-going election-petition is over, that, that will now be the best time for him to start viewing things through his political lenses.

“This is a personal decision and I want to maintain that personal decision. It will be after the determination of the petition then if I have a personal observation or reservation to make or bias reportage – once I’m an NPP man, I will tilt in a certain way – but for now, I will be fair.”

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