University of Cape Coast students goes to the polls on Monday February 8th to elect their leaders for the 2020/21 academic year. The elections was scheduled for somewhere March 2020 until the deadly Corona virus frustrated the entire exercise.

P.I Consult begun its independent analysis of the candidates with special focus on the SRC Presidential slot since last year and our report was ready to be published three days to the elections but that couldn’t happen. However, due to the significant change in voter college, the dynamics has slightly changed even though not too significant from our earlier findings.

P.I Consult is an independent election watcher and group of researchers whose work has stood a test of time for the last three years running. We analyse polls from NUGs, USAG, TTAG, SRC, RSRC etc. Our special focus this year has been the UCC SRC elections and the analysis are as follows on their order of representation on the ballot screen.

    This ticket is made up of Mr. Inusah Ayandeba Sadic and Miss Matilda Yankey all from the Faculty of Arts. Their major trump card is the FREE SHUTTLE policy.
    The standard bearer hails from the ATL Hall and the Vice from Valco Hall. However, the ticket seems not to enjoy support from both ATL and Valco. Our findings reveals a rather massive penetration in Superannuation and KNH halls. Their main strategy has been the retail campaign and we can confidently call that this team does not have a strong hold but may pull surprises from all the constituencies (Halls) due to their retail and submarine approach.
    This ticket is made up of Mr. Edward Gordon and Miss Eugenia Afi Opare from the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences respectively. Their major trump card has been the FREE DATA SIM for all students. This team is unique a bit from the others because, the standard bearer was affiliated to Casford Hall during his undergrad and now affiliated to Valco Hall. The vice is an affiliate of Oguaa Hall and a former Vice President of Oguaa JCRC. This team has been loud and consistent even during the Covid break. That has been a plus to their ticket. Our findings reveals this team is slightly ahead and we can call the following halls for them i.e Oguaa, Adehye, Casford, Ndoum and Valco Halls respectively.
    This ticket is made of Mr. Christopher Dadson and Miss Saafu Rashida from the school of allied health and Social Sciences respectively. It is a composition of veterans. The standard bearer is an affiliate of SRC hall and the vice from Kwame Nkrumah hall. There is something unique about this ticket as well due to the fact that, the Presidential candidate is giving a second shot at the Presidency. This team has enjoyed some appreciable level of support but keeps dwindling day by day. If there is any last minute magic the managers could do to salvage the dwindling numbers it will go a long way to consolidate their base. Our findings indicate that this ticket may bag KNH hall, SRC hall and 50% ATL hall.

The inclusion of level 100s in the electoral college is likely to cause some surprises. And any team that plays their cards well may get the pendulum swing to their side.
Comparative analysis of the Vice Presidential candidate’s impact on the elections for the last two elections revealed that, KNH compensated Chiba of Zaki fame for their failure to vote massively for Nyamey3 of team Kingsley fame and Team Ayandeba is making inroads at KNH. The current KNH looks vulnerable and may not come in bloc as it happened last year. On the other hand, Oguaa is the Florida of UCC elections and if they should vote massively for Team Gordon, it will cancel out both SRC and PSI votes of Team Topher.
Therefore, barring any last minute changes, P.I Consult projects TEAM GORDON to win the SRC Presidential race with a slight margin.

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