BREAKING NEWS: Prisoner Runs From prison After Breaking Rooftop

News evidence reaching has disclosed that a prisoner who was sentenced to four years in prison has broken free after breaking washroom rooftop.

According to announcements, the man whose name was disclosed as Enoch Mamfe broke out of the Adomi Senchi after he halted the rooftop of the washroom where he climbed and escaped without been arrested by the prison officer who were on duty that day.

Enoch who was arrested and prosecuted on the count of Stealing and sentenced to four years in prison was said to have began his idea of escaping by breaking through the had asbestos roofing sheets where he was been kept.

The escaped prisoner was said to have been awaiting a coronavirus test which was suppose to be done for all the prisoners in the yard before he fled away.

Police have began investigation to search for him as they plead with each and everyone with information about the whereabout of the escaped prisoner to come out and boldly help them so they can be able to arrest him and send him back to prison. promises to bring it views up to date information on this particular story when we get any lead.

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